Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Games and Gifts!

     Hello again!  It's been a few days since I have written a blog post, but I have been having all kinds of fun downloading lessons and activities from teacher stores and blogs.  I hope you took advantage of the TpT/Teachers Notebook sales and the AMAZING blog hop on Sunday.  I can't believe how much cool stuff I have now from awesome teachers who were willing to share their work with everyone.  If you didn't take advantage of the Teacher Appreciation deals over the weekend, visit stores today because it's the last sale day to get 20% off lessons.  Thanks so much to everyone who made it a wonderful opportunity for teachers to get great ideas!

     I created two new games and they are 20% off today.  They are Bingo games using Fry's word lists 1-100 and 101-200.  I broke them down so there are one hundred words in each store item, which means you can purchase whichever works for your grade level.  I will continue to make more games in the next few days, so watch for Instant Word Bingo games that review words 201-600. I will go beyond that if people let me know there is a need to go up to 1,000.

     Students create four different Bingo boards (25 words on each board) and you can save them to play again and again.  Click here to see my Instant Word Bingo game #1 at Teachers Notebook.  It's on sale for $1.60, which is a bargain for four games that can be played over and over!  Tomorrow TpT will allow me to upload them onto their store as well.
Click here

     Here is Instant Word Bingo #2 with the next one hundred words.  It is also on sale today for $1.60!
Click here

     This week I also want to share my Mother's Day gift idea with you.  It is so cute and a real winner with parents.  I'll post the directions and pics later this week.  Here is a sneak preview of it:

     Lastly, if you are still wondering what to give your parent volunteers this year, I highly recommend this idea.  It was shared by a teacher at my first school 15 years ago, who heard about it from another teacher.  Simply purchase some thyme plants and place them inside cute pots/containers from the Dollar Store.  Glue small Thank You For Your "Thyme!"  signs on popsicle sticks and push the ends into the dirt in the containers.  Give to parents while kids cheer the words in unison on the volunteer's last day in your classroom.  So much fun!


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