Friday, May 25, 2012


    For the past two weeks my class has been excited about our Geobears.  Geobears are geography bears that travel around the U.S. and bring back a journal filled with information about the place and people they visited.  They often bring back postcards, pictures, and other souvenirs for the class to see as well.

     The wonderful second grade teachers in Roseville City School District were the first to share the idea with me and I have to assume they got the idea from John Cassidy's book, EARTH SEARCH: A KID'S GEOGRAPHY MUSEUM IN A BOOK.  We used to use real teddy bears and hand them to people in airports and other places with instructions to send postcards to the class from wherever they were at the time.  Some bears went all over the world before eventually being mailed back to us.  Visit if you would like to see a cute blog with posts showing various bears and their travels.  Very cute!

     In recent years, we have colored and laminated paper bears so students wouldn't have to buy teddy bears.  It has worked out well, especially since second graders often had a hard time letting go of their teddies.  We send them to people who will take care of our bears and who will send information to us about the places they live and visit.  Very similar to Flat Stanley!

One visited me in my little town of Sonoma!
These are the Geobears that have returned to us so far
     Students love receiving their package of Geobears in the mail and seeing them posted around our U.S. map.  We go through two or three packages each day and students may look through the information during DEAR time.  They learn so much about geography this way!

     This weekend I will post a Geobear giveaway to get you started on the project!

     Email me with any questions you have and post a comment if you do a Geobear project in your classroom.  I would love to know how you organize it!


  1. Those are so cute and it is a wonderful idea!

    Heather's Heart

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  3. I love this idea! Very Cute! I am looking for ways to implement for science and Social Studies next year. We will definitely be trying this! Thanks!
    Southern Sweetie in Second

    1. Hi Jodi! I am going to post my unit on Geobears so watch for it on my blog. It will include instructions, letters to parents and recipients, and bears that kids can decorate to send off to people. It is so much fun!