Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reuse Those Grocery Bags!

Today I began making lists of things to do before Open House on May 17th, which students and families are invited to attend to view student work.  As I got halfway through my list, I realized that I need to do A LOT to prepare for the big night.  Isn't that the way it works every year?

I decided to start with making carrying cases for our art projects.  Students will place them on their chairs before Open House.  When they arrive with their families, they may go through the artwork inside and then carry them home.  They usually add other work on their desks to the cases as well, which parents like because they don't have to carry an armload of student work to other classrooms and their cars.

The cases are quick and easy to make, which means you can enlist the help of older students or parent volunteers to make a few for you.  First, cut along one of the folds on the side of a grocery bag.  Cut out the bottom of the bag.  Recycle the bottom portion.

Open the bag and refold so the writing/logos are no longer visible.  Line up the handles so you have something that looks like a flat briefcase.  Tape the sides together as well as the bottom of the bag.  You can use regular tape, but it also looks cute to use decorative tape.  Michael's craft store often has rolls in the dollar bins.  I usually have my students decorate them with markers or glue a name art project on one side, depending on the time we have before Open House.  You can also label them yourself if you want to save time.  Be creative!

We also made our Geobears and our Mother's Day gifts, which I will describe in another post this week.  I LOVE these projects and can't wait to share them with you.  Come back for details!

In the meantime, please view my free Mother's Day Writing Activities.  Click here to download it on Teachers Pay Teachers or here for Teachers Notebook.

I would love some feedback on these activities as well as information on how you used them with your students!


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