Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily 5 Q & A!

The anxious feeling of only having two more weeks of vacation before my year round school begins is weighing on me, but the excitement of starting Daily 5 and CAFE, along with having a new principal who is young and fun outweighs the stress. I am looking forward to a great year full of new ideas and adventures!

My class is supposed to be difficult so I am hoping that by following Daily 5 closely, I will have fewer behavior problems than I would have if I had stuck with my old Menu/Workshop/Centers approach.  The chart pads, library, listening center, writing area, and word work shelves are ready; Am I?  Hopefully!
 I would love to hear from those of you who do Daily 5 to learn more about a few things:

1.  Do you have parent volunteers in your room during Daily 5?  If so, what do you do with them?  The sisters don't recommend having volunteers at that time, but I am wondering what teachers are doing in their classrooms.

2. Do you use iPods or iPads during Daily 5?  How did acquire them?

3. How do you get all 5 stations in each day, or do you?  One of my partners is doing this with me (thank goodness) and we will have to do it until lunchtime to fit it all in.  

If you are able to answer any of the above questions for me, I would be so grateful!


  1. It sounds like you are going to have a great year next year. A new, fun principal is always great! I can't fit all five stations in each day, don't have any iPads (but would love them), and don't use parent volunteers. The centers run so well on their own, and a big component of the Daily 5 is the students working independently and building stamina. I think parent volunteers would take away from those benefits. I hope you enjoy using Daily 5. That is great that your centers are already all set up! I hope you enjoy your next two weeks! :)

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! If you don't fit five stations in each day, which ones do you fit in? I agree with you about parent volunteers. I think I will do math at the end of the day and have them help with that instead of language arts this year.

  2. I need the answers to these questions as well. I am going to attempt to do Daily 5 this year with my 1st graders. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I emailed you the questions for the new blogger feature!
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    1. Thanks so much! Hopefully people continue to give input about how they make Daily 5 work. I'm looking forward to filling out your questionnaire and being featured on your blog!

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  4. I have done D5 for two years. Parent volunteers would be a distraction to me and the kids, so I do not use them. Honestly, I didn't even like my aide coming in and pulling kids to work with and she is WONDERFUL and never disruptive or loud.

    I had about an hour to an hour and a half to do DT each day. (It was at the end of the day, so the time varied depending on what we'd gotten done that day.) I would try to fit in three rounds, but usually only got to two most days. After getting everything introduced and the kids trained, I did:
    1. Focus lesson - Comprehension Strategy/CAFE - 10 mins
    2. Round 1 - Kids pick from the 5 choices - 20 mins
    3. Mini-lesson - Grammar, Writing, or the week's skill from our basal - 10 mins
    4. Round 2 - Pick something you didn't do in Round 1 - 20 mins
    5.Round 3 if time permitted. Did not do another lesson in between.

    I let the kids pick whatever the wanted on a given day, but within a period of 2 to 3 days, they had to visit all the areas. My colleague did three rounds everyday, and had the kids always do Read to Self and always do Work on Writing. The third round was the choice between the other three, and they could do the RtS, WoW, and other choice in any order they wanted each day.

    I do not have iPods or iPads. I wish! I use a CD player and RAZKids on the computers for Listen to Reading.

    Good luck with D5. I love it!

    1. Thank you for the detailed schedule! That makes so much sense. I think doing something similar would work very well for me. Great ideas!