Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School Products and Teacher Store Sales!

If you are like me, you spent time today taking advantage of the sales on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.  I love a good sale and there are awesome ones on both sites.  Teachers Notebook has shops that are discounting items as much as 50%!

I wasn't able to upload my latest Back to School product onto Teachers Pay Teachers because they are only allowing members to purchase items during their sale, but I was successful with Teachers Notebook.  Here is a preview that will take you to my store to see it up close:
It is normally $4.00, but is on sale for only $3.00 through tomorrow!  I will upload it onto my TpT store Tuesday.  It is full of fun activities to do with your students the first week of school.  My students loved the games and activities before we got into our curriculum the second week of school.

My district still uses Houghton Mifflin for language arts and in second grade we start the year with our Silly Stories unit.  I love the first story, Dragon Gets By, especially since it's a circle story.  I like to supplement it with a TpT product I bought last year on Laura Numeroff's If You Take a ... stories.  Her circle stories are perfect for early second grade and students can write their own.  My students are currently writing their stories and my favorite title is If You Give a Camel Some Cotton Candy.

Courtney at Swimming Through Second also sent me her new product that includes a study of Splat the Cat Back to School, Splat.   There are three other book studies in her unit, but I'm saving them for the next few weeks.  Look at the adorable summer writing craftivity included, which my kids LOVED:
Lastly, I've been having my students practice Fry's first one hundred sight words.  We are playing Instant Word Bingo, which a great way to introduce or review commonly used sight words.  First, students cut out one of the lists of words (we used the first twenty-five) and glue them onto their Bingo boards.  Next, I cut out the Bingo caller cards and place them in a baggie.  Then we play Bingo!  I also use the Bingo sheets as a quick assessment before sending it home and tell parents to work on the words I've marked on them.

You can purchase my Instant Word Bingo games at either of my stores, but be sure to do it now while they are on sale!


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    1. I haven't forgotten about the pics. I've been so swamped, but they are up on display next to our school office. They look so cute!