Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daily 5 Schedule and Classroom Pics

We are in full swing at my year round elementary school now that Back to School Night is over.  This week I have been able to get my class into routines and am enjoying the benefits (e.g. sitting down) of seeing my students build stamina during Daily 5.  We are up to seventeen minutes with Read to Self and are at the beginning stages of focusing during Read to Self and Word Work.

I found that doing The Daily 5 and CAFE by the book was a bit too much for me to take on all at once, so I have been using my CAFE board (thanks, Ladybug's Teacher Files for the free download) to display the reading strategies we discuss during my mini lessons and when we read our Houghton Mifflin weekly stories.
 I will also use it as I ease into working with students in small groups.  The Daily 5 is awesome and I think next year's class will be able to handle making choices on their own, but my current class needs lots of structure.  I have organized our schedule and will rotate students through the stations, at least for now. 

During Daily 5 we will do three stations each day (four days/week) since five is too many to fit into my daily schedule.  On Tuesdays two groups of students will do two Daily 5 stations as well as read with me in a reading group.  The other two groups will rotate through the other three stations.  On Wednesdays they will switch so they get through everything in the two days.  I worked it out so our specialists will pull kids during this time and it will count as the kids' Read to Someone station.  This is perfect since those students are struggling with behaving themselves during Read to Someone in class. This also leaves me time to see an additional group or individuals each day who need additional help or to do writing conferences.

Thanks to Mel D. for the awesome (and free) Daily 5 helpers!  My kids are loving her stamina charts, necklaces, and certificates.  Check out her TpT store to get your own.

While training students with my I-Charts and posts, I am also using my new Music Wand.  What a great purchase!  It was so worth the few dollars I spent on it and my students love it.  They think it's magic!
 Here are a few photos of my classroom organization. 

 My meeting area for Daily 5 lessons.

My Work on Writing idea board.   GREAT idea from A Cupcake for the Teacher!

The cute book bags my mom sewed for each student.  They are the greatest addition to my classroom so far.  No need for book boxes! 

Gotta love Pinterest!  I am going to have my students rotate through math centers at the end of each day.  They will be organized in these Target drawers.  Love this idea from A Differentiated Kindergarten!

Students turn their work into these plastic storage envelopes.  They check off their names on one side and slide their work into the pocket on the other side.  I saw a similar idea on the Internet last year, but don't know where.  :(

Please tune in to read about my Back to School Activities products.  They were so much fun!  I loved incorporating two other bloggers' products into my language arts program, too.  I love that teachers share with each other!


  1. Very cute! You should come link up.

  2. Love it! I think I am going to borrow your idea for turning in work. Where did you get the plastic pockets? Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

    1. The brand is Pentaflex. I got them online and love them!

  3. Hey girl thanks for the shout-out!! Your board looks great!! I have those colored drawers from Target, too :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. I LOVE the writing board! My kids use it a lot during Work on Writing.