Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product Swap!


I am  thrilled to be a part of an awesome linky party hosted by Jessica at Mrs. Stanford's Class.  She has paired me up with Nicole at Teaching With Style, which is so exciting because she just moved to Lanai from Oregon.  Lucky lady!  Also, she is now teaching second grade, which is my favorite grade level and I couldn't be happier for her.  Check out her blog to see pictures of (ahhh...) her new life on a Hawaiian island and to read her post about one of my own favorite back to school store products.
Nicole sent me her Problem-A-Day product, which I would have LOVED to have used when I taught third grade.  I am planning on using it with my second graders when we begin to discuss and analyze word problems, but third graders could easily use it the first week of school.  I think upper grade teachers would appreciate it as well, which makes it a great product for 2nd through 6th grades.

First, students are given a word problem to either glue or copy above the first box on their worksheet.  Older students can definitely write the problem themselves.  Next, students need to find the math vocabulary terms and write them inside the first box.  I decided to write the problem inside the first box and I underlined the math terms in the word problem instead, which you may or may not decide to do.  Then they decide which strategies they will use to solve the problem and check them off.

 Students will then solve the problem in the next box and verify it by showing their work another way in the fourth box.  I love this as it allows students to really think about various methods of solving a problem.

Often we stop with this sort of worksheet.  Not Nicole!  She created the above worksheet to train students, but has also created a simpler worksheet that students will use in the future to solve word problems.  It can be given to students on occasion or multiple copies can be places in a journal for everyday use.
Each time they use it, they look at the pictures (ex. magnifying glass) and record their thoughts in each section.  The Find Out box should have a list of vocabulary words or terms; the Pick a Strategy should have one or more strategies listed; the Solve box should show one way to solve the problem; and the the Verify box should show another way to solve the problem.

I recommend giving students the first worksheet several days in a row and walking them through the problem solving process.  After students are proficient at using it independently, teach them how to use the second sheet.  They will eventually be able to complete it on their own and you can go over it together when they are finished with it.  If you have a document camera, just have students place their papers under it and show the class their work!

Visit Nicole's blog to see her post about how she uses it in her classroom.  She has great ideas!  If you think you could use this in your classroom (and you will), visit her Teachers Pay Teachers store to download it.  It's only $2.00!  You will use it all year and your students will become better problem solvers.  Thanks, Nicole!

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