Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tell Me Something Good, Please!

Positive thoughts are what I need right now so I can get through Friday.  Can you relate?  Of course you can!  You say it most weeks, too!  I'm joining Jennifer's Tell Me Something Good Linky party at Rowdy in First Grade to share some good things happening right now. 

Our school won the Raley's Challenge contest and got $10,000 to build a shade structure for our outside lunch area.  We are so proud of ourselves!  The community pulled together and worked unbelievably hard to make it happen.  Our principal offered to get slimed if we won, so a bunch of teachers are joining her this Thursday.  I offered to get slimed, too.  That was before they decided to invite a radio talk show host, a reporter, and a film crew.  Now I'm not so thrilled to sit in front of the school and have a bucket of homemade "slime" dumped over my head.  But it's for a good cause and I'm happy to do it.  (Did that sound convincing?)

Next week I start my three week Fall Break (remember, I'm year round) and it couldn't come soon enough!  I will work on my store products, help my husband make/sell our wine, and chill out.  I really can't wait.  Really, truly.  It is so worth it to have the shorter summer breaks because October is usually sooo long on a traditional schedule!

If you had a choice, would you shorten your summer breaks so you could have a break in the Fall?

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