Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Slime and a Giveaway!

OK.  Here it is.  The Sliming.  Imagine parents telling you just before you have to kneel (execution  style) on a tarp that they mixed baby shampoo, green jello, and 40 pounds of FLOUR together to dump over your head.  Not the best feeling!

 YES, the flour/gelatin mixture turned in rubber cement that did not come out of my clothing, which was thrown away.  And YES, it did not come out of my hair without serious intervention.  Did you know that dish soap mixed with baking soda will remove anything from your hair if you scrub it long enough?  It's amazing!  Throw more baking soda into your conditioner and comb it through with a fine comb, and voila!  Clean hair!

Some were not so lucky.  They had tiny balls of slime in their hair the next day that looked like lime green lice eggs.  I recommended the baking soda.

But it was for a GREAT cause.  Our school community came together and worked tirelessly to win the Raley's Reach Grant and we now have $10,000 to build a shade structure in our lunch area.  I'm proud of everyone for their time, effort, and enthusiasm!  Please leave me a comment if you have difficulty seeing my video.  

Also, I am offering a free copy of my You're One Smart Cookie! product from my teacher store to one lucky winner.  All you have to do is follow my blog, follow my TpT or Teachers Notebook store, follow my FB page, and leave a comment telling me whether you would be willing to get slimed in front of your school in order to raise money.


  1. I would get slimed for a good cause!

  2. It would have to be for a REALLY good cause!

  3. I would absolutely take a "sliming" to raise money for school!
    However, I might put on a shower cap after reading your post! :)

    Mrs. Not-Much-Taller-Than-A-Second-Grader

  4. I would, without a doubt do it to raise money for school, or a charity!!!(I would do it before getting my hair done though!!!) LOL

  5. I love your video and YES I would get slimmed even if it was just to make the kids laugh!


    Lanier's Kindergarten Lions

  6. I don't teach math so I don't need the giveaway, but I LOVE the way y'all raised the money. I would SO do this for my school! :)

    Congrats on your shade structure!


  7. Glad you are all willing to go through what I went through for a good cause, although I wouldn't hold it against you if you wouldn't!

  8. Of course I would!!!!



  9. I can't seem to see a video at all.

    It's really odd, I can usually spot these things.

    Crazy idea and congrats on being brave.