Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elf Application and Letter From Santa

  This week my students and began our annual tradition of learning about holidays around the world.  Since they all celebrate Christmas, we started with the story Santa's Book of Names.  It is about a little boy who can't read yet and Santa invites him to help deliver gifts to children on Christmas Eve night.  The boy has to read from Santa's book of names when Santa loses his glasses.

  Second graders enjoy the story because they love the idea of being Santa's helper.  Sooo... I decided to have them create one of Teri's (A Cupcake For the Teacher) awesome craftivities.  It's called Elf Magic! and the kids had to create an elf that looks like them.  Here's mine:

   They were excited to create their own elves, but were even more excited to complete the Elf Application in the product.  It is so cute!  They filled it out and then I told them to decide whether they were really serious about applying for an elf job at the North Pole.  If so, I will mail it to Santa so he can consider them for a position if there is an opening this year.  Many of them want me to mail it, so I will do it this weekend and they will wait for a response next week.

  Hmm... what to do next?  Well, Santa is going to send them a letter thanking them for their application, but unfortunately, he was not able to choose them this year since thousands of children have also applied for the position.  They will be encouraged to reapply in the future, as he always needs new elves to help him out.  I typed up his editable "rejection letter".  Feel free to download it and add student names.

  I am going to place it in an envelope and throw a little bit of magic dust (iridescent  glitter) inside to make it more authentic.  I can't wait to see their faces when they see a real life letter from Santa Claus!


  1. Just spotted this! Thanks for the shout-out, your elf came out so cute! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. Thanks for making such fun products!

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