Monday, January 21, 2013

Impressionist Art

Although I love all of my students' winter artwork, I personally can't wait to brighten up my classroom windows with some beautiful flowers.  Our district has art docents come in to the classrooms to teach a variety of lessons about artists and their techniques.  This Impressionist lesson  is one of my favorites!

This is an Impressionist art lesson showing a vase full of spring flowers that my students completed last year.

1. First, students were given paper plates with a variety of paint blobs on them.  They had popsicle sticks for each color and were told not to mix the sticks in the colors to keep them pure.  They were also provided with 12x18 inch white construction paper and each table had a stack of small (approximately 2x2 in.) pieces of scrap paper. 

2.  Students were instructed to draw a vase on the bottom half of their paper with a pencil.  Then they folded several pieces of the scrap paper in half.  They picked up a popsicle stick and dabbed a blob of paint into the fold.  They then were able to add one or two more blobs below the first color and folded the paper to spread the paint.

3.  Next, students pressed the scraps down onto their 12x18 paper above the vase to create a flower.  They made many prints this way and were encouraged to use each scrap to make two prints, which gave the flowers some variety.
4. When flowers were pressed onto the paper, students added some stems (if they wanted to) with thin paint brushes and mixed colors on their plates to create a color for the vase.
5. The finished product was beautiful and everyone's creativity showed, which is what art is all about!

My blogging buddy, Nicole at Teaching With Style, is hosting a linky that allows bloggers to show off an art lesson or project.  I recommend heading over to see what other bloggers have posted as well.  Get ready to start pinning ideas on Pinterest.  There are great ideas out there!

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  1. LOVE these! This is a great lesson on symmetry, too! :) Thaks so much for linking up!
    Teaching With Style