Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Card Holder

February is such a FUN month of the school year because of all the great Valentine's Day and president activities.  Today I am excited to share a project with you that will hopefully come in handy for many years, no matter what grade level you teach!

This idea was shared with me several years ago by my all-time favorite teaching buddy, Kelly.  I have been making these cute bear containers each year since and my students (and parents) love them. 
1. First, you need to collect a class set of gallon milk jugs and make sure they are washed completely.  Starbucks is a great resource if your parents don't donate enough by next week.  I once got a class set in one day by stopping at a busy Starbucks!

2. Next, cut out the front of the jug as shown using scissors or a razor.  This is not a job for kids!  Hello, parent volunteers...

3. Now, download the following image (click on image below) onto 8.5x14 inch paper.  Cut it out and trace it onto a piece of 12x18 manila paper that you have folded in half.  Be sure to line it up along the fold so you have a full bear shape when you cut it out.  Now you have a tracer that you can use long term!
4. Trace a class set of bears onto brown 12x18 construction paper.
 5. Copy the following sheet (click image below) onto various colors of 9x12 construction paper or card stock.  Students can then cut them out and write their names across the heart.  I go over them with glitter glue, but they can use crayons or markers instead.
6. Next, assemble your bears by drawing a face on them and gluing a bow onto an ear for girls and below the chin to make bow ties for boys.

7. Staple the sides of a student's heart to the carton.  The handle of the carton should be at the back.

8. Wrap the student's bear around the back of the milk carton and staple the arms to it, making sure the "paws" overlap the sides of the heart.
 Viola!  These look so amazing when lined up in alphabetical order along a counter.  My students are then able to quickly pass out their valentines on the special day.

Enjoy and come back tomorrow to see my newest product, which is full of gift ideas for your students!

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for sharing:)
    Jessica-3's teacher assist.