Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Fun, Anyone?

What a crazy fun time we are having in kindergarten!  Last week my teaching partner made the cutest pumpkins with the students and I stopped in to take a couple of photos so I could show you how she made them.

First, she did a whole class guided drawing lesson of a Jack-o-lantern in pencil.  The students drew theirs on 12x18 orange paper.  Then our parent helpers cut them out and traced the students' pencil lines with black Sharpies.
Next, they taped a piece of tin foil on the back.
Voila!  Cute Jack-o-lanterns that shine when hung in the windows!  How cute is that?!
While I was stuck at home with the flu over the weekend, I whipped up some fun math centers for this week.  I snuck in on Sunday and prepped some of them for my partner (she teaches Mondays and Tuesdays) so she would be surprised.

One of the games is Spin a Monster.  Students partner up, use a paper clip to create a spinner, and graph their results.  I laminated these in color and will have the kids use dry erase markers rather than cubes because cubes slide around and people cry.  You know what I'm talkin' about!  There is a black line version as well, so students could also do this independently and use crayons.
Another game I made is Roll and Cover.  Again, students will partner up and take turns rolling number cubes.  They will add the dots and cover the sum on the game board.  Higher students will play with cubes that have numbers rather than dots if they are ready for that.  If they are prepared to learn how to play BUMP!, I will teach them that game as well.  Not sure they are ready to be bumped off the board yet, though.  I have a few sensitive ones this year who couldn't deal with that.
Another activity is Count the Bats!  This is a Read the Room activity.  Students find each picture around the room and count the bats.  They then record the number on their recording sheets.  It could also be placed at an independent center for students.
This is a matching game to practice using ten frames.  Although we are being encouraged to not use ten frames anymore, I think they are important so we are learning about them.  This will be used at a parent center, but will then be placed at the independent center for additional practice.  The numbers go up to twenty.  Last night I changed the direction of the numbers so the cards would all be in landscape mode.
The last activity is called Candy Crunch, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Students add up candy in the jars and write the sum.  This is our introduction to number sentences.  If you want to see more about these centers, check them out HERE.  They are on sale for a short time since they are new!

Do you celebrate Halloween at your school?  We still do and even have a school parade.  I don't know how long that will last since so many schools don't allow it anymore, but I'm enjoying it while I can.  I'll post a picture of my awesome peacock costume that my mom made for me after being inspired by a costume she saw on Pinterest.  What are you going to be for Halloween?

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  1. I'm super curious....why aren't you "supposed to" use ten frames anymore? I LOVE the jack-o-lanterns!