Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bright Ideas Blog Hop: Organizing Student Work and Parent Forms

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Keeping track of paperwork is an issue for us all!  When I started teaching, I began to glue check off sheets to a manilla envelope, laminate it, score the opening with a pair of scissors, and voila!  A perfect place to store important papers.  I used it to check off who turned in field trip permission slips, emergency forms, reading logs, etc. by simply gluing a list of student names onto one side and laminating the envelope.  It was great to be able to write on it with an overhead projector pen and then wipe it off when finished.

It evolved into much more.  Here is an example of my field trip folders that parents bring with them on trips:

These puppies have been around for sixteen years and are still going strong! 

I began to use these manilla folders to store worksheets and activities that students could complete for extra practice when they finished their work.  I line new ones up each month on my whiteboard edge and students love choosing activities if they have extra time.  I never have to worry about losing the master because it's on the envelope!

Two years ago I realized that I could eliminate the need to laminate folders if I purchased these fine folders on Amazon or my local office supply store:

These are amazingly helpful!

I also use them to collect work from students.  I can keep track of who turned in paperwork that way.  I love this system!

Thanks for reading my bright idea post!  The next bright idea is from Tanya at A+ Firsties.  She has a great post about guided writing journals.  Check it out!

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  1. OMG! Totally love this idea! I've actually never seen those folders before! I had to laugh because I totally know what you mean about making little lists and gluing them or paper clipping them to EVERYTHING! I find lists all over the place :P I'm heading over to buy those folders now!! Thank you
    Teaching in Paradise

    1. I can relate, Courtney! I'm glad this will work for you. I love using these folders and don't know what I would do without them!

  2. Thanks for sharing such a great idea and for sending folks my way! Happy hopping! =)

    A+ Firsties

  3. What are these folders called? I've looked but cant find these... love this idea!

  4. What are these folders called? I've looked but cant find these... love this idea!

  5. Hi Jean Ann! They are Pendaflex 52888 folders. You can find them on Amazon or Staples. Good luck!

  6. I used to laminate and slit ever so carefully too! I hurried to your comment section hoping someone would ask, because it was taking me too long to find them too, thanks!
    First Grade Dual

  7. Love those folders! Very clever ideas!

  8. I actually enjoyed reading the blogs in this link up party! Organizing classroom materials looks exhausting since we expect lots of artworks, exams, and miscellaneous forms. However, with the help of those organizing techniques, it’ll be easier to gather the data that you need by the end of the grading period. Thanks for your ideas! :)

    Ruby Badcoe