Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's Time For Some Spring Cleaning!

Tomorrow I will be in my classroom working to prepare for my kiddos to come back next week.  Spring Break is nearly over and I want to do some spring cleaning in the classroom and on TpT.  I can't wait to take advantage of the awesome sale my friends and I are throwing all weekend! Click on the image below or scroll to the end of this post to see a list of stores on sale.  There will be tons!

To Do List:

1. Clean out my wish list. Not even sure what's in there anymore.
2. Make sure I give feedback on all items I have purchased on the website.  Want those credits!
3. Move all of my most wished for items into my cart. 
4. Shop for items in the following stores that will be on sale ALL WEEKEND (see link below).
5. Make a big purchase and download everything all in one shot.  Yeah, right!  It will take me all weekend, but that's OK.

Ambitious of me to do all this before doing anything else in my classroom, but I have to take advantage of the amazing sale going on.  Stores will have up to 20% off and mine is included!  All of my products will be 20% off March 28-31.  I'm planning on adding a spring item to the mix, so watch for that!

Happy shopping!


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  2. You have more ambition than me at the moment. I just haven't gotten the "cleaning" bug just yet. : )

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